Farm Inputs

The aim on our farm is to minimise the inputs we have to purchase and put on the land. With what ever inputs we do need to buy and spread out, we want for them to be either organic, biodynamic, or as natural as possible. Our first major input was spread out today consisting of rock dust and lime. This stuff is literally crushed rock that increases the micro-biology in the soil and allows the soil to unlock its minerals as well as replenishing the minerals already in it. The rock dust came from Munash ( and spread by Matt, the very same guy we are getting our cheap mulching hay from. The company was once certified organic but is no longer due to the enormous amount of paper work required and partly because the quaries they get their rock minerals from are not certified. The minerals are natural and literally dug up from the ground and then crushed into a fine dust, so as far as I am concerned, because they have not been added to, chemically altered or processed in any other way, they are as organic as we will get – straight from the ground! Munash are now going through a certification process with another certifier, one that is a little more resonable with their costs and paper work.

The JCB was a very tight fit into our smaller paddocks and was unable to do all of our fields due to the saturated soil, but Matt managed to do most of our farm and I will manually do the rest as funds become available to purchase a small spreader.

While he was here, we got talking about dogs (as you do) and he has a blue merle pure and registered Coolie, which in a year or so, we will look to mate with Lightning and hopefully get a great looking litter of pups! We will make sure to register Lightning first to keep the paperwork in order and hopefully start our own line of working Coolie dogs! The line the male comes from, is renowned for being excellent workers and he is also one of only a handful of long-haired Coolies in Victoria! We’ll wait and see how things are going in 12 months time and if Lightning is ready, then we will put the two together.


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