Organic Pest Control and Foster Mum

Over the past week or so, even in the crazily wet, windy and cold weather, an animal, that usually only appears in Spring proper, ie. during warmer weather, has appeared on our farm. This animal is an amazing creature, devouring pests like nothing else and also helps to pollinate our crops. What animal am I talking about? The humble and beautiful ladybug! The ladybug eats the hated aphid, scale insects and plant mites and helps the garden control its pests. In previous years we have had aphid problems in our strawberries and this year, in one section, is no exception. They are everywhere! The aphids and soft bodied insects that suck the sap out of new growing shoots, thus stunting their growth. They also affect the fruit, reducing their size and sometimes appearance. With the sighting of the ladybug (and I am sure there are tons more around the place), my concerns about the destructive aphid are somewhat alleviated!

Ella’s teats are looking much better. They are almost all completely healed up and her udder is no longer looking red or swollen. Unfortunately though it seems like she has dried herself off and House Rates is no longer able to feed from his mum. We started getting a little worried, but then we saw this:

Bianca has taken on the duties of feeding House Rates and has affectively fostered him. Ella still looks after her calf, but the feeding resposibilities have now been transferred to Bianca. We now need to make sure she recieves enough feed and nutrients to sustain feeding two calves. I must say this was a pretty special sight to behold.


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