Wet, windy and cold. A great day for working outside!

Interspersed with a tiny bit of sun, was a wet, windy and cold day! We have had some nice warm weather through the week and the weeds were shooting through the market garden area, so it was time to re-rototill everything in again. I will then wait for it to dry out a bit and then give it one more pass to make sure the weeds are well and truely dead. Next year, I think I will wait until September to rototill and plant some green manure to help increase the nitrogen and organic matter in the soil.

Speaking of soil, there are a rediculous amount of earthworms chomping away at our mulch, all adding to the soil structure, mineral and nutrient levels and airation. Either the bio-dynamic spray seems to be working or the mulching is doing wonders! Either way, the plants that are currently in are loving it! Below is an update of the potatoes I planted a few months back and a small lettuce and radish experiment I started a month ago. The potatoes are almost all up and it would seem that there is very little advantage in planting too early as they have all seemed to have sprouted within a couple of weeks of each other. In the coming week, I will direct seed out some more lettuces and radish and will also start a few rows of carrots.

The greenhouse is going well, although my batch of corn does not seem to like me. I will have to start again and see what I can get to sprout. Tomatoes have sprouted and last months tomatoes and capsicum are only just starting to grow their true leaves, which, although a good thing, it is a heck of a lot slower than I expected. Living in a colder climate is bringing with it some new challenges, but all part of the fun of learning. I will put them out in the open soon to toughen them up before plating them out.

As I type there are 7 out of 17 eggs hatched and another 5 pipping out. If can get 12-15 hatch I will be a happy camper! They say that you get 80% hatch in an incubator, so lets see if I can achieve this rate. The next batch will have 30-36 eggs and with that one, I will up the thermostate temperature another 0.5 degree celsius. The eggs started hatching yesterday, which is exactly 21 day, but the majority started today. This suggests that the temp setting is a little on the low side (only just) so I will adjust slightly and see how it goes.

Another day tomorrow. Can’t wait to get out there with the family and get stuck into farm work!


2 thoughts on “Wet, windy and cold. A great day for working outside!

  1. A total of 15 eggs hatched in total. All chicks looking strong and healthy! 22 more eggs in the incubator and 8 under a broody duck. Let’s hope all goes well again!

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