Wily Mr Fox

It’s war! Last night as light was fading, I went out to do the final animal inspection and out of the corner of my eye I saw him! Running away into the paddock, and then stopping to see what I would do. I kept my eye on him and crept back to let Lightning out, she followed me slowly to the fence and then we both bolted at the fox and chased it away. Lightning got its scent and was going crazy trying the chase it to the fence. The fox jumped right over and left us barking and cursing.

I re-checked the animals and they seemed fine, our chicken tractor had flashing Christmas lights going and we were hoping it would keep Mr Fox away as we had read… but alas…midnight came and I had a feeling I needed to check on the chickens so out I went only to find that Mr Fox had already come and gone. He had bitten through the wire, that’s right BITTEN through, and dragged one of the 9 week old chickens out and bitten a smaller 6 week old chick. I then moved the rest into the shed to keep them locked up for the night while I thought of what to do. As I came back to get their feed and water, out in the grass, not 30 meters away was Mr Fox, watching what I was doing! The checky bugger had taken the first one away to eat and was coming back to finish the rest of them of! Lightning caught wind of him and gave chase, but Mr Fox is fast and easily got away. The marks and blood stains were fresh, so I figure I was no more than 5-10mins late. Dang it! The smaller chick although seemed to be ok, on closer inspection, she was not going to make it so I took care of her and buried her deep in the paddock.

So today I reinforced the wire mesh with thicker heavy gauge wire, reinforced the sides were Mr Fox may be able to get in and moved the tractor down with the Bill, Ted, Ruffus and the girls. The Christmas lights were useless so they will be used for decorations in the coming season, all they are really good for. I just came back from checking on the chickens and Bill and Ted were laying about 7-8 meters away. Hopefully that’s were they will stay for the night and if Mr Fox comes back, I sincerely hope he gets a few kicks to the head for his troubles.

Next on the list of things to purchase: Scatter gun!


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