Getting rammed by the ram and a new addition at Highland Heritage!

Rufus and I have an understanding, he looks after the girls and in return, I give him food, scratches and pats. Simple. Really I think he has the best end of the deal, so it would be fair to say that I’m a little bit annoyed that I scored a ram by the ram in the butt!

I was with the boys planting sunflowers in their little patch of earth and noticed the weather was closing, so I sent them inside and I quickly finished off and cleaned up and ran around to do the daily animal check. I was turning off the cow water and heard a little ‘baaaaa’. Sure enough ‘”Bent back”, one of our ewes, finally lambed!

Talk about drawing out the lambing! Mum and baby are doing well, with the little tailwagging like crazy when it is feeding. The lamb does not have a name yet, it will all depend on if it is a boy or a girl. If it is a girl then it will join the flock, if it is a boy, then in 10-12 months time…. So while I was down checking out the lamb, taking photos and a short clip, Rufus came up for his usual pat and scratch, however I was preoccupied with the lamb and the camera. Rufus thought that he would get my attention by ramming me, the checky beggar. Yes it hurt, however after a little rough headlock, Rufus and I are friends again.

On a chicken note, the 3 remaining have survived another fox visit. He did try to get into the cage once, but seems like he has given up. They are weighing between 1.56 and 1.7kgs, with 1 more week of growing to go before a taste test with a commercial free range chook, but that is for another post.

For now, it is welcome news that Rufus can still do what he needs to do and the girls seem to be all pregnant and due sooninsh (but I am not holding my breath). Hopefully Mr Fox leaves it alone. Better yet, Bill and Ted, earn their keep and we find a dead fox in the paddock (harsh I know, but that is the reality of living on a farm).


2 thoughts on “Getting rammed by the ram and a new addition at Highland Heritage!

  1. Mr Fox came. Just got in from chasing it off and watching what the alpacas do. They watch, walk and chase the fox off and then go and check on the lamb, very heartening, but tonight will be the night we see if Bill and Ted earn their keep….

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