Market Garden Starting To Take Shape!

It’s been a very hectic weekend this weekend. Heaps done, and still heaps to go. We had a fairly significant set back with my seedling raising, first with the corn and then with capsicum and tomatoes. The climate here is a bit cooler than I am used to and although knowing this, my greenhouse attempt to get things started early failed dismally. The greenhouse itself worked well during the day, getting the interior to 28-30deg celcius without a problem and the rear vent allowing excess heat to escape. However at night the temps still dipped down below zero on some instances and this constant day/night fluctuation really shocked my seedlings.

Suffice to say they are still growing, but their growth stunted significantly and so they will be used in the kitchen garden area only. My second batch of corn germinated fine using a different variety but a total of 200+ corn seeds gone to waste (although I may have got a bad batch…) To replace my stock, I went to the great “B” and purchased a variety of tomatoes and capsicums all of which went in this weekend. 110 tomatoes and 30 capsicum seedlings went in and are all looking fine. A lot more expensive than raising from seed, but I will have to make do this season. With everything in, the market garden is really starting to actually look like a market garden!

I also planted out some sunflowers for the boys and have put up an arch for their gate/doorway. Once the sunflowers are fully grown and the beans twine their way up the arch and the sunflowers, it will look great and the boys will love playing in their mud area! Both the boys loved helping and really enjoy the idea of playing in an area surrounded by sunflowers and beans!


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