Our first Highland Heritage Honey!

Our first honey rob, I mean, honey harvest today! I suited up (proper suit this time not dodgy suit) and got the smoker fired up. On my way to collect leaves and bark for the smoker, I saw something moving along the tree line. “Damn bloody fox is game” I thought, but on closer inspection it was not Mr Fox, it was Blinky Bill! A koala was going for a stroll along the fence line and climbed a tree for a sleep! Pretty amazing I must say. I called the family out and they loved seeing their first koala on the property. Kobe-Li’s comment summed it all up, “This place is really special Ba!” Yes it is Kobe-Li, yes it is.

Back to the honey, I only got out 2 frames from the super and modified the frames to slowly convert the hive into Warre hives, basically a topbar hive in a box: http://warre.biobees.com/index.html. They will be a little easier to maintain and I will do the crush and strain method of extracting honey. From the 2 frames we got 2.6kgs of beautiful amber honey. Amazingly sweet and finger lickin good! Interestingly, the honey from this hive was made mainly from the Bacchus Marsh pollen (that’s where I got the hive from a few weeks ago), and while I had my gear on I inspected my original hive which has spent close to a year here so the honey is from this area. The taste difference was very very significant! I much fuller taste with a stunning after taste! Can’t wait to do a proper harvest of our original hive.

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