Mr Fox update.

No photos in today’s post, just the story.

We were having dinner and were just about done when Hayley took Ava-Li into the lounge room and said, “The fox is eating our strawberries!” Sure enough, at 6:30pm the fox was helping itself to our strawberries. We all ran into the lounge but it didn’t flinch at all, just sniffed around and looked for strawbs. I got my compound bow and 2 broadheads and slowly and quietly opened the window, the fox then went to our top strawberry patch, where I took aim, steadied and released. It was a perfect shot through the fly wire and through the fox! It ran off but did not get very far, dying very quickly. After conferring with Hayley, we took the whole family out to see it. Kobe-Li (bless his soul), said “The fox was so beautiful”. He got upset not so much by seeing the fox dead, but by the fact that the fox was dead. The whole thing gave us the opportunity to have a discussion with him about such things and although he was still a little teary, he eventually was ok with it. We said our goodbyes to the fox and gave it our family blessing (a Quach household thing) and I have now buried her (it was a vixen) under our Christmas tree, a Norfolk Island pine that need to escape the pot.

So was it Mr Fox??? I am pretty sure it wasn’t as it was not as big as Mr Fox (and not as cunning). Was it Moonlight??? Well… no, firstly, there was no moon (Moonlight only shows herself at night when the moon is out) and secondly, the muzzle was not grey like Moonlight’s.

We will keep locking everything up early and fox proof all new enclosures and retro-proof everything else.

One fox down, many thousand to go….


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