Our first sale!

The title says it all! Today we made our first sale of produce from the farm! Potatoes, pak choi and rhubarb. Things in the market garden are slowly setting fruit (the weather hasn’t exactly been warm, I have been wearing a beanie for the last few days!) and soon we will have produce coming out of our ears, just in time for me going back to work work, where I will be able to drum up some more business.

Thanks to Wayne, Helen, Niamh and Zara for being customers number 000001!

A basket of goodies for our first happy customers! Hopefully many more to come!


4 thoughts on “Our first sale!

  1. Well done! May there be many more.
    Had T,H & S plus Ian & Lauren stay last nigh. Very special. J & I ate missing you all sooo much. Hopefully we can get down next weekend. Cheers. VB

  2. Congratulations folks on your first sale,

    It is a bit of a milestone, I’m sure there will be many more.

    In some respects I am dreading the school year going back as it changes our families and the farms dynamics quite dramatically. However it means we go back to selling around 8 dozen eggs a week.

    Keep on growing.

    • Cheers Dalles. Yeah school starts here in 2 weeks so heaps to get done before my time working on the farm reduces drastically!

      8 dozen eggs a week! Awesome! Our breeding program to get our flock up is on hold until our rosters mature (thanks to Mr Fox who took The General…). Hopefully back online with the breeding in the next couple of months.

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