Drip Irrigation, YAYYYYYYYYY!

Spaced at 300mm and releasing 3lph, this is stuff is a water and time saver!

Up to now, I have managed to get by without irrigating our market garden (just). Now that summer has arrived (finally), things are starting to dry up, so I bit the bullet and have purchased and installed drip irrigation. What a difference it has made! No longer am I hand watering for 1-2 hours at a time! The drip irrigation makes so much better use of the water, delivering it straight to the root zone. I am still hand watering areas I have direct seeded, mainly because I have not finished laying out the lines, but also to allow me to monitor seedling progress. The irrigation will have gone in just before the start of the working year for me, which will save precious time in the evenings when I get back from work work…. ahhhhh the break has been good, but back to reality….and working 2 jobs…..


One thought on “Drip Irrigation, YAYYYYYYYYY!

  1. I certainly understand the BIG yay. I have maybe 15% of our gardens on the old style drip irrigation. Stuff I’ve been carrying around now for 15 years or so. I am gradually adding to the system so that by the end of summer I hope to have 70 – 75 % on drippers.
    We also are keeping an eye on the weather reports lately, rain will definitely germinate those seeds much better than irrigation will.
    Congratulations, that school year is getting closer.

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