Back to work… need more hours…

This was my first week back at work. It is going to be very interesting managing my time, splitting it up between work work and the farm as well as making sure I have enough energy to be dad and husband. So far so good though, with daylight savings and irrigation, managing time is a bit easier. After work, dinner and when the boys are in bed, it’s a couple of hours (give or take) doing urgent farm jobs, Saturday it’s 6 hours of solid work to catch-up on what wasn’t done during the week and the rest of the day is family time and Sunday is a lay couple of hours here and there for chores and then family time for the rest. A tricky balance, but manageable.

A few more sales over the last couple of weeks, totaling 8 in all. Word is spreading and soon we will have a solid customer base in which we should be able to meet demand. Autumn/winter planning and seeding starts now, ready for planting at the end of the month, just in time for everything to be ready for steady harvest. A busy time coming up…. bring it on!


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