Food Miles

Food Miles is a term  used to measure the transport distance traveled by food products between production and consumption. A research study into distances travelled for food items found in a typical Melburnian’s shopping basket revealed that food items like oranges, sausages, tea, baked beans etc with ingredients sourced from overseas have seen more of the world than most people. The report estimates that the total distance travelled by 29 of our most common food items is 70,803 km—that’s nearly two times the distance around the Earth! Struth Ruth! 

Although we are only a small farm, at the moment being able to supplement the larder of about 10 families, we can be proud to say that we are making a slight dent on global carbon emissions, albeit very small. We are regularly supplying a variety of vegies to people in Ballarat, Ballan and Bacchus Marsh, and although Bacchus Marsh is 80kms away, it is where I work work and thus somewhat reduces the food miles calculations. It’s great to be able to supply local people with local produce, with our surprise bag being very popular, while others preferring to by items individually.

Daylight hours are slowly reducing and it is making it much more difficult to keep up with the demands of work and the market garden. Soon I will be leaving in the dark and returning in the dark and market garden work during the week will grind to a halt. Hopefully by that stage, all of our winter crops will be in and the staggered plantings of staples like lettuce, cabbages, bok choi, pak choi and a handful of root veg, will be all that is required on the weekends. But then there is the stockyard to build, the greenhouse to build, the shed to build, the animals to tend…

Would I change anything? Not on your life 🙂


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