A problem with vampires.

The vampires around here are starting to become an issue. So much so, I decided to plant a little under 700 garlic bulbs today to help tackle the problem. Still another 700 or so to go, but that will be a job for next weekend 🙂

This is the first of 2 garlic bed ready to be planted out. 3 rows of garlic will go in here, about 700 in total for this row.

Below is a bit of a photo update of some of our brassicas:

Some of our broccoli are starting to head, They are looking extremely healthy, with large deep and dust green leaves. This one is of a "Green Sprouting Calabrese".

This is one of our brassica beds with a healthy bunch of different heritage broccoli.

This years first batch of cabbage is looking good, despite the cabbage moth wreaking havoc early on. They are now forming tight heads and will be ready for harvest in a couple of weeks.


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