Fatal Error # 21 – Putting up a greenhouse by yourself in the rain and wind.

Hmmm, well fatal error #21 is – Putting up a greenhouse by yourself in the rain and wind…. won’t be doing that again in a hurry.

Yes I followed the instructions to the letter and I have to say, they suck! Putting the frame up was fiddly enough, but try doing it in the rain and wind! I got the frame up and started on the back end, got all the panels in and as per instructions, started on the front entrance. Well that was my mistake! I should have used my brain and not follow the instructions. Rather than the front opening, I should have completed the sides and corner bracing. That to me makes sense, but alas, I truly thought the engineers and designers knew better, and they designed the instruction manual… Anyway, after a lot of cursing and inventing new phrases, I called it quits in the dark and went inside, just as it started pelting down and the wind picked up a little. Later in the night I went out with the torch to see what had survived…. the greenhouse was flattened! “Crap” I thought – well I actually thought something else, but best not say that here – nothing I could do about it in the dark, so I waited until morning to assess the damage. In the morning I had a good look at the frame and corners, they were in pretty bad shape, but a little bending here and tap tap tap there, are they were as good as new, kinda…

Was going to take a photo of the flattened greenhouse but it was too traumatic for me… here is one of the frame and bracing as well as the front and rear completed.

It poured down rain again and the ground was as muddy as anything, perfect for slipping and sliding! I cursed a little bit more and then got to work. I re-put the frame up and this time put up the bracing as well, solid as a rock! After a long day, I almost finished the greenhouse. I just have the doors, the auto vents as well as boarding up the opening at the bottom and all done!

Most of it is now finished, with the doors and auto vents still to go. Also need to board up the openings on the bottom, may even put in a trap door to allow for some passive cooling and ventilation in summer.

PS – Had a mini heart attack too, Hayley saw the door opening and said “Are the IBC tanks going to fit through there?” #%$*! After a quick  couple of measures, they should fit with at least 100mm to spare!


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