Correction, reports and going stir crazy!

Yes I should be doing my reports, but dang it I deserve a break! So far my long weekend has been one of correction, reports writing, more correction and more report writing, all the while having 2 boys hassling and one little girl constantly screaming – teething…. Hayley, although sick of it, is doing a great job keeping her own sanity and keeping the kids from tearing each other apart, all the while I am tap tap tapping away on the laptop. Every now and then – more then than now – I give Hayley a break and take Ava-Li. She is happy if someone is near her or if she is being held, but typing and correcting with this kind of attachment is a bit on the tricky side. I did manage to cook a roast yesterday, move the cows and sheep today and helped a young fella load a trailer of tires as well as:

Not a bad grouping from 30 meters!

but also am making:

My sourdough starter is proving to make (get it – proving) amazing bread! I thought I would give it a test with a larger quantity to see how it performs. This should be enough for at least 6-7 large loaves.

Yes yes, back to the reports….


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