New addition and greenhouse update

Work starts back up again tomorrow and the jobs I had down to complete are nowhere near finished. Oh well, Rome wasn’t built in a day… Progress on the greenhouse timber frame has been slow, however, one bent is finished, ridge pole for the roof rough cut and one tenon done and second bent well under way. Tano-Li, my little padawan has been ever floating around the workshop area finding jobs to do. He came in the other day, said he wanted to help, grabbed the broom and started sweeping up! I then gave him a few little jobs to help with and we both had a great time ūüôā Kobe-Li then got in on the action and so I stopped what I was doing (ran out of little jobs) cut up a few off cuts and pre drilled these for the boys:

These were cut out of off-cuts and pre-drilled for the boys to put together.

They had a great time putting them together, using a cordless drill, and sanding down the edges!

Tano-Li has also helped with the framing:

Tano-Li making sure the shaping was square and true.

Bit blurry sorry – bad light. This is the first bent finished. The rafters are cut and shaped ready to fit once the whole thing goes up.

I decided to bolt the frame together rather than timber pegs, just for that added bit of security and due to time constraints. Once this whole thing is up it is going to look awesome!

We have also¬†received¬†delivery of a belted galloway 6mth old steer to grow out. Won’t be for another 18 months before we process him, but I am sure it will be well worth the wait ūüėČ

He is fitting in well with the others after a tentative day.

Lastly, I caught sight of a massive – read freaken huge – fox down by the dam the other morning (9am), so it was time to sure up the chicken pen with hot wire. The chicken pen now looks like Fort Knox, hot wire above, between and 10cm off the ground to stop digging – and yes the hot wire does work….

Hot wired chook pen., will definitely keep Mr Fox away!


Prep for Potatoes

Part of the new potato patch where the cows had been feeding.

Winter has really set in here at the farm. Today it has been raining non-stop and looking on the radar, there is plenty more to come. We were toying with having a working bee to weed and prep the market garden for the coming season, however are really glad that I checked the weather bureau’s forecast before putting out the call.

We are halfway through the year now, being the 1st of July, and the rain tally is pretty much spot on the halfway mark of the average for our area with 336.5mm. Over the past few weeks, the rain has pretty much been unrelenting, and today was fold moving day. They have been grazing up close to the house block, in an area I will be planting out the potatoes this coming season. They are being feed hay as there has not been enough growth in the paddocks to sustain them to a healthy level. I could leave them and they would be fine until the spring growth, however, prefer they are looked after well and fed hay to keep them nice and healthy.

The area they have been eating has had a fair amount of cow ones and twos spread out as they are eating and the remaining hay that has been trampled, will be used with our compost, chicken manure and the neighbors endless supply of horse manure, to create an amazing, organic, no-dig style potato patch. Once the potatoes have been harvested, we should then have an area still rich in nutrients for other crops to be planted. Yes the cows will have compacted the soil somewhat, however, I will use the sub-soiler (mean looking Fergie ripper) to aerate and break the soil up before planting.

So today I moved the fold, and got completely soaked in the pouring rain for my effort…

At least the cows are happy and healthy.

The girls happily eating their hay. Fertilising and spreading their goodness.