A Heavy Heavy Heart: This Is For You Coolie.

We love you Coolie and will miss you immensely.

14 and 1/2 years ago, Hayley and I were lucky enough to meet a beautiful 10mth old dog at the Burwood RSPCA. Now this gorgeous dog had been at the RSPCA for almost 6weeks and no-one had decided to adopt her. The staff at the RSPCA couldn’t bring themselves to put her to sleep so they held out in hope that someone would rescue her. Along came Hayley and I and as soon as we saw her, we knew she was the one for us. We were to learn latter that she if not rescued by the end of the week, then her time would be up – so lucky we saw her when we did. She was an amazing red merle Coolie dog and being very¬†original, we named her “Coolie”

For 14 1/2 years she has been our beautiful loyal companion, going with us pretty much everywhere. They say that dogs take on their parents traits and Coolie was no exception. Her two most significant traits were 1) OCD (Obsessiveness Compulsive Disorder) and 2) Extreme independence and determination. I won’t tell you which trait belongs to Hayley and which one belongs to me, those who know us will quickly work it out ūüôā

For the past 18 months, Coolie¬†definitely¬†showed signs of slowing down and she was happy to retire on our little slice of heaven. She would often wander the paddocks with me and go for a quick dip in the dam. Unfortunately her hearing had pretty much gone and we could not allow her the freedom to roam in fear that she would wander and¬†disappear. In fact she did disappear a couple of times. The first, we searched for hours, only to find her trotting up from the dam, she had¬†camouflaged herself in the long grass… The second time, she managed to get out the gate without us knowing and ended up at our neighbours house a couple of¬†kilometres¬†down the road – a great way to meet the neighbours with them¬†driving¬†down the road to bring her home!

Over the last couple of months, her health had begun to deteriorate. She fought long and hard to stay with us, but her time had come. Both Hayley and I had silently hoped for a couple of weeks, that she would slip away peacefully in the night but to no avail (did I mention she was extremely independent and determined?). Before Coolie started to get into too much pain, Hayley and I made the decision to put Coolie to sleep.

It has been a pleasure and privilege to have spent the last 14 1/2 years with our beautiful Coolie and I am so glad that she got to spend the last 18months of her life here on the farm. She is now peacefully sleeping watching over us and keeping a close eye on the farm.

RIP Coolie – April 1997 – 21st August 2012


2 thoughts on “A Heavy Heavy Heart: This Is For You Coolie.

  1. My condolences to you and your family,
    dogs are such a precious gift to us they love us
    unconditionally and without question help
    us in all aspects of our lives. You are right it is
    our privellage to be their friends.

    14 1/2 years is a pretty special time to have had with your mate I am sure he will forever
    watch over you all.

    • Cheers for that. Coolie was an amazing dog and she will be truly missed. appreciate your kind words and thoughts.

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