No-Dig Potatoes Coming Through!

Both TL and AL have found their favourite seat!

It has been about 8 weeks since I started the no-dig style potato beds and they have started to pop up. I have given them another layer of manure, compost and straw and will now leave them to develop into hopefully, a very large crop of potatoes! This weekend, I put in another two beds, this time a little taller than the previous beds, in the hope that they will 1) settle as the rain hits them and 2) I don’t have to top them up in the coming weeks. These beds are the same length, approx 7mX1m but are about 600mm high. They should settle to about 450-500 high in about a week or so.

2 new beds today. That is a total of 8 beds. By my maths, that makes about 150-160 lineal meters of potatoes!

Potatoes popping through the top of the second helping of manure, compost and straw.

Tomorrow I start a Permaculture Design Certificate course with the man himself, Bill Mollison! This is a very exciting time for me, as although we have designed our farm using permaculture principles, it will be great to see how it can be improved. But on a more significant note, the course then allows me to design and implement so many things at work as well as teach the coming generations of students the importance of a well thought out design and plan for the future! The projects that are happening at the school are absolutely amazing and as momentum builds, more and more people are understanding and embracing the potential of experiential learning as well as starting to change the culture of the school to one that is sustainable!


2 thoughts on “No-Dig Potatoes Coming Through!

  1. Go Nam-Ha! The potato beds sound fantastic. The permaculture course sounds great too – I bet you will come home so excited about what to do next.

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