Compost and Daily Rotations

Well after 18 days, my compost is ready to spread. It could probably do with another 2-3 days, but how it is is fine for me to use, plenty of microbes to inoculate the soil.

Also now moving our Highland cows everyday to new pasture. With the spring growth kicking in, the pasture is looking amazingly green and lush. The cows will continue to be rotated right through the season and although we are yet to pasture chickens following the cows (project for this spring/summer), the egrets and ibises are doing a great job, flying through and turning  spreading and scraping the cow manure in search for grubs, larvae and worms.


5 thoughts on “Compost and Daily Rotations

  1. We have 5 Highland cows in total and 1 Belted Galloway. The beltie is kinda a cow share, where we raise the cow and then split the processing costs 4 ways. One of the Highland cows is a steer and he will be processed also. The paddocks are about 35m x 20m, so not huge, but more than enough feed for the cows. They were actually in the paddock for 36hrs not 24. They are a beautiful animal! I could watch them all day:-) You are welcome anytime Penny:-)

  2. Stunning Nam. That is a beautiful part of the world you are taking care of! I’ve really enjoyed watching the clan’s adventures. How are school fees and house rates getting along? 🙂

  3. Well since we did our course I’ve been sitting planning… spreadsheets of costings and the like. Seeing your activity ‘in action’ is just grouse! *jealous!!* Well done! Cheers

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