Bacchus Marsh Grammar Sustainability Hub

As work has progressed with excavations on the terraces, a number of people both within the BMG community as well as beyond, have asked “What’s going on across the road?” Let’s see if it can be adequately explain via this blog entry and diagrams:


Above is a Google Sketch of the planned orchard that will be going in across the road. The excavation that is taking place is designed to do four main things:

1) Erosion control: By creating a swale and berm system (swales are the dips and berms are the mounds), when it rains (and in Bacchus Marsh it tends to pour), the swales will slow the travel of water down the slope, which will significantly reduce the erosion that occurs on the surface of the site.

2) Irrigation: Given the site does not have access to any form of irrigation other than natural rainfall, the swales will…

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