Fatal Error #18

Doing the evening water checks and filling up the stock and garden tanks, I went and had a look at our drinking water tanks. I noticed that there was a little bit of wet ground so I had a closer look…

I found that there was a little weep on one of the poly joins….

I had a closer look by lifting the join up to check underneath… big mistake!!! As soon as I touched it, the weep turned into a gush! Water started spurting out everywhere!!!! Evidently the join was not tight enough and all it needed was a tiny touch and whoosh out came the water! At this point, I may have cursed a little… Now keep in mind that there is approximately 180,000 lt of water pressure pushing out of this pipe and although not fully out, I am guessing that a couple of hundred litres of water came out while I levered and pushed the pipe back in and tightened by hand the join. Soaking wet, I ran up to get my tools and came back down again to repair the leak. Mind you light was fading (I have literally just got in and got dry) and I was starting to panic a little. This was all of our drinking water and if that pipe popped, I could not see how I could get it back on… 180,000 litres of water pressure is just a little too much for even my 53kgs of pure muscle to hold back…

I found all of the valves and shut them off, but there was 1 tank I could not get too (a job for tomorrow) as the valve had been buried… Next I jiggled and levered, loosened and tightened and finally got the pipe back in parallel with the join and tightened again. Using some multi-grips, this join is not undoing any time soon. It was dark by this stage, but I am pretty sure the leak is no longer but will check tomorrow morning.

At worst it will just be a little weep on one of the poly joins…


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