So I killed my mother….

Before you all call the police, I’m not talking about my real mother, no no no, my sourdough mother. For the past 12 months or so now, I have making sourdough bread that the whole family can eat. Kobe-Li, even being gluten intolerant, has been able to eat the sourdough bread as the yeast and bacteria in a true sourdough, makes the gluten easier to digest. Ever since eating sourdough, his tummy problems have all but gone. We still have to make gluten free foods, however, sourdough has been so versatile that this has been significantly reduced. Unfortunately, my mother has died… the acidity in the starter had got to a point where it was too strong, hence completely destroying the gluten in the flour. This produced a wet, slack and completely weak dough that I have not been able to satisfactorily bake with. So now I am starting a new starter at the same time as trying to revive my old mother. Hopefully I can bring her back to life, but I am not holding my breath… I miss the soft fluffy textured bread with an amazingly crunchy and sweet crusted bread that I was producing… hopefully I will be able to get it back…


3 thoughts on “So I killed my mother….

  1. Hi there we too have a great sour dough starter and a trick I learned early on was to freeze some so that if I lose the mother I have more to start again which I have done ax I too killed the mother and thank goodness I had the back up of a frozen starter.

    Hope this helps

  2. Do you keep your mother on the bench or in the fridge? I kept my first one on the bench but to keep down the lactic acid I had to feed her twice daily and then bake like fury to avoid wasting it but I now keep Bertha in the fridge and feed her every 3-4 days and she’s doing much better. I make up a batch of no-knead sourdough every 2-4 days that is also kept in the fridge to sour (replacing the dough as I bake it) and I’ve now got a MUCH more manageable routine. If I want more starter I can just feed Bertha and leave her on the bench overnight or for a few hours. The lazy version of it all. 😉 Works well for me. 🙂
    Also, if you’d like some starter to kick start you off again, let me know and Bertha can farewell one of her daughters.

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