About us

We are a family of 5 living south of Ballarat in Victoria, dabbling in market gardening. Our farming philosophy is one that encompasses organic, bio-dynamic, beyond organic (coined by Joel Salatin) and holistic permaculture farming methods. In our market garden, most of what we have growing are non-hybrid, traditional open pollinated varieties, which in our opinion, tastes better and are better for you than the hybrid varieties commonly grown today. Our orchard consists of heritage variety apples, such as Beauty of Bath, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Cornish Aromatic and the oldest variety we have is the Court of Wick dating back to 1790. We also have beautiful highland cattle, wiltipol sheep and croad langshan chickens, all of which are either heritage listed or extremely rare. Our alpaca herd guardians and silkie chickens keep them company.

Our aim is to provide a consistent supply of seasonal fruit, vegetables and eggs to our customers in a CSA (community supported agriculture) fashion and enjoy living life on our beautiful farm “Highland Heritage”.

Thanks to all our family and friends who have supported us through our journey so far as well as the inspiration and information from the following people and their farms:

Mike at Tiny Farm Blog: http://tinyfarmblog.com/

Joel Salatin at Polyface Farm: http://www.polyfacefarms.com/

Milkwood Organic Market Garden: http://milkwoodmarketgarden.wordpress.com

Milkwood Farm: http://milkwood.net/

Dalles from K&D Family Farm: http://kanddfamilyfarm.wordpress.com/


3 thoughts on “About us

  1. My Stepson Brendan whom you work came home tonight raving about what you are up to and after looking at your blog I can see why. You are doing on a much larger scale what I am doing on a suburban block of 600 sq metres

    I envoy what you are up to and would dearly love in due course to come and visit. I am a volunteer at the Werribee park heritage orchard and would be keen to talk to you about getting some scion from a couple of your apples so that we may assist in the preservation of such old and wonderful varieties. I would be happy to have a chat to you some stage in the not so distant future, if you would like please send me an email and I will pass on my phone number or just ask Brendan he will give it to you.

    All the best with your venture there most certainly needs to be more of this and it needs to be passed on to others.

    Regards Craig Castree

  2. You are living the life I would have loved! I’m so glad to see young people farming like this and preserving the old varieties. I’m in Canada (from BC, but currently living in Edmonton, AB), or I would ask to come visit and learn from you. I still have hopes of a small homestead one day, but am in the city for now. What you are doing is so valuable; hang in there, no matter what . . . ~ Linne

    • Thanks Linne:-) It is pretty hard work managing what we are doing on the farm as well as working full time as well as raising a family but we are loving every moment! The kids enjoy playing outside and helping out every now and then. As they are getting older they are getting more and more into it which is great:-) Thanks heaps for the encouragement!

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