Tractor Finally Fixed!!!!!

Well hopefully this is the end of the saga! After a lovely meal and farm time with the family, including putting animals away, feeding Rufus (ram) and Maa (the older of the ewes), feeding Silver, Bianca and Ella and then walking down to the dam, I decided to fix the tractor. In failing light, I ended up using a flood light and slowly dismantled the cooling system. I was careful not to thread or snap any of the bolts and one in particular was giving me grief. So slowly slowly, everything came apart and the one bolt that was dodgey, I ended up using some gentle – read, smack it with a hammer to lossen – pursuasion. It came out ok and was still fine to use.

On went the gaskets, in went the thermostate (the right way up) on went the housing and then everything bolted back together again. I was hoping to do it in an hour, but because there was stuff all light, I had to be sure to work slowly and methodically and also needed to do a few trips back to the shed to get bits and pieces. All up it took 1 1/2 hours so not too bad really.

After everything went back together, I poured in the radiator fluid and then fired her up. As always, she started first pop and I let her run and warm up for a few minutes. Everything good, no leaks, hang on, the dam temperature probe is weeping! So I turned her off and tightened the probe, being careful not to over tighten as this was where the problem started last time. A couple of 1/4 turns and then bingo, no more weeping! She now runs beautifully again, temp gauge working perfectly and finally I’m happy with her and promise I won’t fiddle around again!

I wouldn’t mind rebuilding the engine though…..