Greenhouse, aquaponics and storeroom/office.

Well things are really moving along here on the farm, well at least the ideas are. Winter has hit us hard with temperatures struggling to get into double digits most days. The winter vegetables are slowly doing there thing with our cauliflower and brocoli starting to head up nicely. Cabbages are also tightening up and my beloved brussel sprouts are…well, sprouting. Everything else however….

So off to the planning office (which really is everywhere as my head doesn’t really stop thinking…) and onto eBay. Damn that thing can be exciting! In any case, I have just purchased a 4.2 x 2.5 x 2.1 greenhouse, which will house my MK III aquaponics system made out of IBC tanks, as well as a seedling raising house. If my math is correct, I should be able to get the aquaponics system running off a battery bank and inverter with a solar panel to charge it all up during the day. With a low wattage pump, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem… Next to the greenhouse, my strawbale storeroom/office will also go up. May not get the time to finish this part this year, but hopefully the posts, beams and roof will be up by years’ end, and maybe the flooring, ready for strawbales and rendering in the summer.

Slow and steady. A little forced with limited funds, but at least I can’t rush it!