Life and death on the farm

A beautiful day to be outside working in the market garden. It is always an awesome and inspiring thing being outside, listening to the sounds of nature, the cows mooing, roosters crowing, wind lightly blowing etc… I did however get a little frustrated with all the corellas and cockatoos and galahs. They have caused so much damage to the lettuce seedlings I have put in garlic and broad bean plants. I am up to my 4th batch of lettuce seedlings and today I covered the entire lettuce area with bird netting. A painful job, but I don;t think I could handle seeing the lettuce being ripped up again. The garlic they have left alone since putting up some plastic strips on fishing wire and the broad beans, well, they have taken a hammering, but there are enough there for us and them, so so be it.

The potatoes started popping through the no dig beds and so I put on more manure and straw and re-buried them. Hopefully I didn’t get too enthusiastic, as they are well re-buried. They still should pop through, and continue to develop. Only another 6 beds to go and if I have the energy, another 6 beds!

After a great day of work, I decided to take a break and go down to the dam to catch the elusive trout. The sheep were down in the bottom paddock so I swung around to check on our newest arrivals. We had a ram lamb about three weeks ago and he is going strong, and huge! We also had twins about 5 days ago and unfortunately, I found one under a tree not moving. My only guess is that it did not suckle well enough… no signs of any kind of attack (Bill and Ted have been awesome protecting them all)… unfortunately we did not pick this up soon enough and the little thing died.

So many lessons to be learnt in the joys of new life, but also in the sadness of death.