Tasty, rich and tender.

There are no pictures for this post, as I think it would upset a few people. That being said, I will one day post the process here on my blog. The chook was “processed” Wednesday night last week and left to age in the fridge until yesterday. We had a roast and served it up with mash potatoes and Hayley’s tempeh. I was going to do a full comparison and roast up a commercial chicken, but I did not have the time or energy to do so. Not to worry as I can safely say that the chicken had an extremely rich flavour, a real “chicken” flavour, was amazingly rich and was just as tender as any chicken I have had. The ageing process seemed to have really intensified the flavours and I can’t wait to see what an extra 2 weeks will make to the flavour profile. This one was 12 weeks old and the next one will be 14 weeks old. If we can keep the fox at bay, then there may be a chance that these chicken enterprises may just work yet.